I just realized

…I just realized that, whether this non-sense is true or not, Robert must feel so fuckin stupid. He never wanted to be super famous, he never wanted people to know that much about his personal life, he never wanted to be in fuckin tabloids, and this non-sense im SURE is the kind of thing he freaking hates the most. Worst part: is going to be a while until we know about him and when he does he’ll try to act normally like his usual goofy self and we’ll never know.

Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson?

Wow just wow.

Not having enough with being an emotionless, talentless woman turns out the girl likes older/married with kids men. And it looks like she cheated on no other than Robert Pattinson, our Rob.

I am so torn. Yes, torn because I don’t know if I should feel sad for him as he must be devastated if this whole robsten thing was true, or happy because no matter if this was true or not, this non-sense, media circus is over.

…Whatever the truth may be I’m pretty sure Robert is annoyed as fuck. That I hate. I’m so glad the Twilight Saga is coming to an end. Finally he will be free from the series, Kristen and the mayor spotlight. Not only that, he has the road partially paved to be an amazing actor. Today is the beggining of a new chapter. Let’s see how it develops.

P.S. I can’t fuckin wait to see him with a nice girlfriend, God.

From a bored ex-Robsten, with love.

…Ok so first of all I want to say that I don’t completely support Robsten nor I reject it. I have observed them enough to know that there are equal posibilities of it being real or fake, but everyday that goes by I slowly get more inclined to the fake.

 I was a huge Robsten shipper back when in 08’ when Twilight came out, and Kristen HAD A LONG SERIOUS RELANTIONSHIP with Michael Arangano appearently ever since she was a kid back in Speak. It was cute to think that actual Robert Pattinson, was secretely in love with actual Kristen Stewart. Edward and Bella didn’t exist, but they did. It was the perfect platonic real life star-crossed lovers story.

 As the huge Robsten fan I started to think Robert was actually in love with her and that he should do something about it, cause, come on. It’s Robert Pattinson. How hard it could be to get the girl? At the same time I felt sad for the Michael guy and for Kristen because as a Robsten shipper I started to believe she was having feelings for Robert and that she was now, in a very uncomfortable situation I would not like to be.  Media started to take advantage of the situation of course, spreading rumors and making them uncomfortable questions which they always knew how to avoid or answer in a neutral way. Kristen specially always knew how to change topics almost in her straightforward, cold way. Robert also use to do it but in his dorky, enchanting manner.

 Kristen did denied it a couple of times, even saying to a magazine once something along the lines of “He [Michael] has nothing to worry about”. But the game continued to the point that by the time they were promoting Eclipse, even though Robsten was never confirmed, Michael was never seem with Kristen again.

 It was cute at first to think that they were in love and Kristen broke up with that guy cause of Robert; And to feed my denial I said to myself they were being so weird and awkward about it because Kristen seemed to be a very private person— but… was that an excuse to such things as those God AWFUL best kiss award acceptance moments at the MTV Movie Awards? I understand if she wants to be private but that’s just ridiculous. And it gets worst with every year. Was that an excuse to after almost four years, keep playing the hide and seek ‘relantionship’? But that wasn’t the only thing I realized.

 Now, I am aware that the hardcore Robsten shippers use ‘their busy schedules’ as an excuse but meh, personally, I don’t but that. along these years they have taken part in various events, causing us to hyperventilate and go on the hunt for the marvelous photos people take of them. I started getting all anxious cause there was never enough Robsten pictures. Or Robsten anything. At first I thought it was because I was obsessed, up until I realized it was because they didn’t have that much pictures together. But why couldn’t they? Robert was invited everywhere all the time but he was almost always alone.

 I remember me being as excited as a proud mother when Robert was invited to present an Oscar. I realized how obsessed I was as I got nervous when he presented the award. I knew how much it meant to him and how terrified he probably was. Kristen wasn’t there.

 As time went by I learned how the game was being played. Kristen and Robert were only seen together to promote. When it was time to promote we would have a tiny Robsten moment to fuzz about, or a photoshoot to drool over. Like that picture from the balcony, or that ‘handholding’ picture at the airport. Me and my bestfriend which is also a girl have better handholding pictures than that. The time came to start filming Breaking Dawn, and there were some really nice off-characters pictures in which Robert and Kristen were being all tender and romantic with each other. I must confess I got excited. Still never a clear kiss or anything though. As time kept going by I realized how ilogical the ‘relantionship’ was as it seemed like they were never actually together and that if it was real, it just couldn’t cause Robert was too old for that kind of secret shit; I mean he’s a 26 year-old man I think that if he does have a girlfriend he would like to show her and not hiding around as if he was a kid. I know Robert is special but I can’t imagine any guy I know doing that for so long.

 I don’t usually go around thinking these kind of things but I am very close of getting to the conclusion that Summit makes them fake it to promote the saga. I am giving a bit of the last benefit of the doubt to them because I’m waiting to see how it’s going to be when the last movie comes out.

 Oh and I don’t see how this could sound crazy to anybody, I mean as I said I rarely have these kind of thoughts in mind but personally, right now it makes more sense to me that they were asked to pretend and they have sex every now and then, than they having a serious actual relantionship.